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A twinkle in your eye: glitter makeup

18 Nov

Wow. I have nail polish that looks like this. Am I prepared to wear the same look on my eyelids? Yes. Yes I am.

See this post on Little Miss Makeup for the step by step instructions.


True blue: NARS Outremer shadow

19 Aug

I saw a photo of someone on Facebook a few weeks ago with the most perfect blue eyeliner. It made me jealous.

Then I saw a photo of my friend Nath from danslacabine with the same most perfect blue eyeliner, and the need to recreate it went from some day status, to immediately status.

So when I spotted the new Outremer shadow from NARS, it was pretty much a done deal. I even used some of the money I made doing manicures to pay for it. How thrifty am I?

Pretty thrifty is the answer.

I’ve never, ever been able to create the perfect swooshy line like this. An actual gasp came out of my mouth this morning, when I did this in my bathroom mirror. I’m not sure what came over me.

Love it. And that’s not even the good eyebrow.