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Bath time: post-yoga soak

3 Nov

One of my favourite activities is talking about how much yoga I do and making people feel my triceps. Most of time, people are nice and pretend to be impressed. If they don’t act impressed, I’ll usually flex a thigh or two as well.

I do enough yoga on a weekly basis to result in very sore muscles and having a hard time lifting my arms above my head for a few days. Lucky for me, I only wash my hair once a week.

What? Short hair is better when it’s dirty. Otherwise it’s all floofy and in my face.

With winter on its way, despite my massive denial, a post-yoga bath can ease the pain from 29 slow-moving chaturangas . It can also be a skin-soothing soak with the right ingredients.

Epsom salts. A bath is not complete without them. These days, I’m partial to Hawaiian Ginger Rejuvenating Epsom Salts from Calgon. It smells like vacation. And who doesn’t want vacation in their bubble bath? Crazies, that’s who. You get out feeling like jell-o, and if you did 90 minutes of yoga earlier that day you totally deserve a lie-down. And even a nap if it’s a Sunday.

Bubble bath. There is only one bubble bath I use. Because it’s the best. Skip any of the bubble gum scented stuff and go straight to the natural smells. I channel my Nanny Ferne and use Ombra Lavender Extract Foambath. My grandmother loved lavender scented everything. It’s been associated with stress-relief and relaxation. Maybe Nanny Ferne knew something we didn’t.

Body oil. A long soak in the tub can be drying on your skin. Some people like to reach their maximum pruniness before getting out. Not me. I have a window before I start sweating profusely and have to get out. I don’t fill the bath with super hot water but I still like to add a few drops of Aveeno Skin Relief Show and Bath Oil. Aveeno pretty much does everything right, especially when it comes to dry, sensitive skin. So I just do what they say.

Body wash. Those soap commercials have it right. I only use soap if I’ve been the gym or if I’m particularly sweaty and gross. Otherwise I’m body wash all the way. I just discovered this gem from one of my new favourite brands, Weleda. Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash. It foams up very satisfyingly on a pouf but it’s like showering with a dollop of foamy body lotion. You don’t get that soapy feel. And it has a sort of spicy scent that is the result of vanilla, blood orange and neroli.

Weleda makes all kinds of organic and natural stuff and have a really neat company philosophy. And they have gardens! And farmers! And sheep. You can buy their products at your local health food store or on well.ca if you live in Canada.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow your bath with your favourite moisturizer and someone to make you dinner.


Smooth criminal: buff away wintery skin.

16 Feb

I’m a bit obsessed with NOT having itchy, dry skin during winter. And I take several precautions to avoid it. Because nothing is worse than sitting at my desk, wriggling around in my chair, trying to reach that itchy spot on my back. Nothing. Worse.

I douse myself in oils, lather myself with creams, and spritz myself with sprays. If you want to be non-itchy like me, and have your BF constantly tell you how smooth your skin is, then here is your prescription.

Forget soap. This shiz is where it’s at. Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash. A huge dollop on one of those flouffy sponges and lather baby, lather.

I’ve been a Cake Beauty fan since the beginning of time. I’m a sucker for sweet-smelling products with coconut or vanilla. The more I smell like candy, the better. Plus, it’s a Canadian brand. I’ve been a loyal fan of their Sweet Cheeks Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub, but this year I decided to mix it up. The Milk Made Body Smoothing White Sugar Scrub is chalked full of good stuff like shea butter and coconut oil. You’ll smell like vacation. Scoop some out with your hand, then scrub. The little sugar bits exfoliate, while the oils are left behind. So you’re exfoliating off that nasty rough skin and moisturizing. All at the same time. Miraculous. Kind of.

If a body scrub is too much work (wimp), then there is still an alternative. Before you get out of the shower, just rub yourself down, in a sexy or non-sexy way, it’s up to you, with Neutrogena Body Oil while your skin is still wet. You can rinse it off, or not. I promise it won’t leave you all oily and gross. In fact, I think it leaves less oil on your skin than the Milk Made product. And it smells divine. Like a spa. Really.

Once you get out of the shower and you still think you have an itch-fest in your future, then it’s time to take out the big guns. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. And I swear, the Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse from Cake Beauty will make you so soft, you won’t know what hit you. Or slid off you. Or whatever.

And this last product comes with a warning. Although the Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop smells like a beach and will keep even your roughest parts soft, if you happen to go to a kickboxing class and your partner has to hold onto your ankles to do leg lifts on the floor, then they’re hands will surely slip around. Just sayin’.