The Daily Polish: glitter crazy

21 Oct

There were a lot of manicures recently, and they were mostly glitter manicures. It’s kind of like when you discover a new favourite outfit and you just keep wearing it over and over again. No? Just me?


OPI Black Onyx and OPI I Lily Love You.

Color Club Age of Aquarius and loose glitter tips.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Black Platinum and Wet n' Wild Part of Five glitter.

OPI Pandemonium Pink and Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me.


Light my fire: Mooseknuckles flannel shirt

20 Oct

I spent last weekend with the manfriend’s family at a beautiful cottage in a township called Tiny, in Georgian Bay. Which was apparently named after the pet poodle of Lady Sarah Maitland, the wife of Sir Peregrine Maitland, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. Isn’t that a fun story?

Anypoodle (get it?), there was major wind and rain last weekend, so I was immediately pulled toward the gorgeous fireplace in the middle of the house, and planned to park myself there for the rest of the evening. See? Here I am playing Monopoly, and buying up Park Place, Boardwalk and all the railroads, while warming up my rear end.

But what’s that wrapped around my waist? I’ll tell you.

It’s a Snuggie.

That’s right. The manfriend’s dad gifted it to me, along with those slippers. How thoughtful! I felt a little like Gandalf wearing it, especially trying to play Wii bowling – those sleeves kept getting in the way – but I was warm. And a bit scared I was going to melt by being that close to the fire. The manfriend was only too happy to capture me wearing my Snuggie. Of course.

Please note: he’s just as uncool as me. Check out his white socks.

In addition to a Snuggie, I really could have benefitted from this Rocker Dave Flannel shirt from Mooseknuckles. Mooseknuckles is a Canadian company that makes those amazing winter coats with the fur bobbles. That aren’t Canada Goose. So even if just by default, it’s a pretty cool company. Because Canada Goose coats are tiresome.

I was really feeling the need to channel my inner lumberjack last weekend and I’m sure that feeling will return many a time this winter. This delightfully cozy shirt with a pair of limited edition Cougar Pillow Boots and I’d have the perfect Canadian winter outfit. That I’d probably live in well into spring.

Like buttah’: Almond hand & nail butter

14 Oct

When it starts to get colder outside, I generally like to have a hand cream within five feet of my person at all times. Much like lip balm. If you live in Canada, you know what I’m talking about. Nothing is worse than dry, cracked hands in the winter. Especially if you do your nails as often as I do. And take pictures of your hands. It just won’t do.

I wandered into The Body Shop after yoga the other day, and immediately fell in love with their Almond Hand & Nail Butter. Mostly because I love the smell of almond anything, but also because it actually moisturizes my cuticles. Which is a difficult feature to find in a hand cream. For real.

I keep a jar in my desk drawer at work and slather my hands with it at least three times a day, and definitely after each time I wash my hands. Which is a lot. Because I’m a bit obsessive compulsive like that.

The Daily Polish

13 Oct

The cheeriest manicure in the history of manicures? Could be.

Color Club in Peppermint Twist and Konad polka dots.

Get your wings: cat eye eyeliner

13 Oct

The girls over at Sweetspot posted this video recently, on how to create a cat eye with liquid eyeliner.

Well. I’ve only been attempting the perfect winged eyeliner look for about a year now. With only occasional success. And my success is usually totally by accident. And on one eye only.

But MAC makeup artist Melissa Gibson gives some truly original tips. Not just stupid tips you find in a magazine, that have been recycled from some other magazine, that you already know and are totally useless and make you say “thanks for nothing!”

For example, we are usually better at one eye. Do the other one first. Because it’s easier to match your good eye to your bad eye.

See? Brilliant.

I tried to employ some of those tips with my new Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner in Siren. It’s a liquid eyeliner I can definitely vouch for. It stays put, and it’s easy to use even for beginners. I will probably have to get more colours. Like the blue. And the purple. And the pink. Or maybe all of them.

Please ignore my creepy facial expression and judge only my eyeliner application. Not bad, I say. Not bad.

The Daily Polish: round-up.

6 Oct

I guess this is more of a daily polish fail. I’ve had a lot of ideas recently, and so I tried most of them out. But even polish masters, such as myself, can get it wrong. These are some of my not-so-favourite creations from the past few weeks.


Went a bit nuts here. Essie Fishnet Stockings and Gosh Cosmetics Gold. China Glaze Gold Digger on the middle finger. I don't think I like theme manicures like this.

Orly Space Cadet and Deborah Lippman matte topcoat. Looks like a dead beetle.

Chanel Peridot. Chipped after a day. Not impressed.

Sally Hansen Plum Luck and Butter London Scoundrel dots. The dots turned out like arrows. That wasn't really the plan. I was going for bursts.

All dressed in white: Lanvin crystal-embellished flats

6 Oct

If I get married, I want to wear these Lanvin flats.

I prefer to say when I get married. But let’s not scare the manfriend away with that kind of talk.

I’m not interested in wearing heels because that isn’t comfy at all. These shoes are feminine with subtle embellishments to take them to a bridal level of fanciness. Love them.