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A twinkle in your eye: glitter makeup

18 Nov

Wow. I have nail polish that looks like this. Am I prepared to wear the same look on my eyelids? Yes. Yes I am.

See this post on Little Miss Makeup for the step by step instructions.


Get your wings: cat eye eyeliner

13 Oct

The girls over at Sweetspot posted this video recently, on how to create a cat eye with liquid eyeliner.

Well. I’ve only been attempting the perfect winged eyeliner look for about a year now. With only occasional success. And my success is usually totally by accident. And on one eye only.

But MAC makeup artist Melissa Gibson gives some truly original tips. Not just stupid tips you find in a magazine, that have been recycled from some other magazine, that you already know and are totally useless and make you say “thanks for nothing!”

For example, we are usually better at one eye. Do the other one first. Because it’s easier to match your good eye to your bad eye.

See? Brilliant.

I tried to employ some of those tips with my new Urban Decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner in Siren. It’s a liquid eyeliner I can definitely vouch for. It stays put, and it’s easy to use even for beginners. I will probably have to get more colours. Like the blue. And the purple. And the pink. Or maybe all of them.

Please ignore my creepy facial expression and judge only my eyeliner application. Not bad, I say. Not bad.

Sparkle in my eye: MAC at Milan Fashion Week

29 Sep

I always scroll through photos from fashion shows and rarely find outfits or makeup looks that make me think “Oh hey. That is totally practical for my everyday life.”

But this eye makeup that MAC did for the Cavalli show in Milan seems totally doable and totally fun. I might even own everything I need to copy it.

Stay put: L’Oréal La Couleur Infailible

26 Sep

You know what it means when make-up has a French name?

It means it’s probably from France. Duh.

I’ve always been very wary of drugstore eyeshadows. The oil slicks that are my eyelids need shadow with staying power. And more often than not, it’s a fancy brand that works. MAC, Make Up For Ever and NARS are my go-to’s. Which can get rather expeezy.

But when the blogosphere started posting about L’Oréal Paris Color Infallible Eyeshadow (here and here), I thought maybe there was something to this 24-hour wear claim.

It’s sort of a loose power, so after using an eyeshadow primer, I applied it by pressing the brush full of product onto my eyelids. It’s much more pigment-y than you’d expect from a drugstore eyeshadow and the shimmer gives it some texture. That’s right. I just used that word to describe eyeshadow.

I did my eyes at 8:30 am this morning and now it’s 1:33 in the afternoon and here is what is happening on my eyelids. I used L’Oréal Paris Color Infallible Eyeshadow in Unlimited Sky and lined with NARS Outremer then smudged it all around.

C’est jolie, n’est-ce-pas? Not my facial expression so much, that’s kind of creepy in both shots. But my eye makeup is kind of fun.

Golden rule: Shu Uemura limited edition eyelash curler

15 Sep

If I was whisked away to a deserted island, and was only allowed to bring three beauty products, eyelash curler would be my number one. I’m not sure who I’d have to look pretty for on this island, but you get the point. It’s an essential part of my makeup routine.

Combine this fact with my love for trying to figure out how to pronounce Shu Uemura and you get the 24k gold limited edition eyelash curler.

Say what?


I own nothing from this brand, but the beauty editor and blogger world tells me Shu Uemura makes the best eyelash curler. That sounds like a pretty solid reason to have this.


Beginner friendly: Chanel Illusion d’Ombre

12 Sep

A few weeks ago, I decided to treat myself to a Chanel nail polish. Peridot. I told you all about it. If you haven’t bought it yet, what are you waiting for? Geez.

That same trip to the Chanel counter at The Bay resulted in me taking home a new eyeshadow. But not just any eyeshadow. I first read about Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Mirifique over on Beauty Reflections. Mirifique is a black, sparkly eyeshadow and it’s kind of scary to me. But Tracy assured me it was beginner friendly.

Which, apparently, the makeup artist at the Chanel counter was not aware of. Because she made a complete mess of my face. Gawd. I went home on the metro looking like a drag queen. So uncool.

[Photo via Beauty Reflections]

It’s a really creamy shadow, that I prefer to use as a liner, because I can’t quite make it look as awesome as Tracy all over my lid. But I attempted it. See? I used Benefit They’re Real mascara. Which you should probably buy. It gives you long, separate lashes and has a neat-o rubbery wand. It’s definitely not cry friendly, however. I’ve put it to the test.

Do I look like I got punched in the eye or can I go out in public like this?

Totally have a shirt on in this photo. Totally.

True blue: NARS Outremer shadow

19 Aug

I saw a photo of someone on Facebook a few weeks ago with the most perfect blue eyeliner. It made me jealous.

Then I saw a photo of my friend Nath from danslacabine with the same most perfect blue eyeliner, and the need to recreate it went from some day status, to immediately status.

So when I spotted the new Outremer shadow from NARS, it was pretty much a done deal. I even used some of the money I made doing manicures to pay for it. How thrifty am I?

Pretty thrifty is the answer.

I’ve never, ever been able to create the perfect swooshy line like this. An actual gasp came out of my mouth this morning, when I did this in my bathroom mirror. I’m not sure what came over me.

Love it. And that’s not even the good eyebrow.