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Adventure venture: El Salvador inspired jewels

8 Nov

You know those people who quit their day job to make their dream career come true? Well, I know those people. Yep. All of them. Because I get the newsletter, I learnt that my friend Marie-Louise is the newest member of the club. She left a career in advertising to travel the world and make jewelry.

Her first collection is inspired by a trip to El Salvador, where she hung out with old Mayan stuff, climbed volcanos and ate a lot of fruit. I’m embarking on quite the love affair with the Lava Drop Earrings and the Zest Necklace. Because with a piece of citrus fruit around your neck and a piece of volcano hanging from your ears, you’re practically on an international adventure and *not* sitting behind a desk finding synonyms for “dazzling” right?


Lava Drop Earrings

Zest Necklace


Learn your ABCs: alphabet earrings

21 Sep

How adorable are these earrings from Catbird?

You may or may not be aware that I’m a bit of a word nerd, so I would have trouble deciding which letters to get. My initials? The BFs initials? Our initials combined? My cat’s initials? WTF? So many options.

Also, they’re available in silver and gold.

Blinged out: BrazenDesign

13 Sep

On Saturday, I met Rachel of BrazenDesign. She has a great laugh, great style and makes super fantastic jewelry that is right up my alley.

For real. I can’t even choose a favourite piece because there are too many that I love, love, love.

Chandelier necklace? Okay. I’ll take one, please.

[Photo via BrazenDesign]

Wings, guns and sheriff badge necklace? Sure. That’ll do. Put it in my cart, please.

 [Photo via BrazenDesign]

Ribbon necklace? Certainly. I’m not sure how I possibly created an outfit in the past without this necklace in my life.

[Photo via BrazenDesign]

I could go on and on but you get the idea. Other coveted items include the table cut sterling emerald ring, the anchor necklace and the two finger ring. It’d be a lot of manicures to barter for just one of those pieces, but I’m up for it. You hear me, Rachel? PRETTY NAILS FOREVER FOR YOU.

Fly away: Daniel Gibbings Stolen Heart Wing pendant

16 Aug

Um. A ruby and some diamonds and some gold makes this. It reminds me of those old school tattoos. And I have a very cheap version of this necklace. So that makes it cool. And it’s only $12, 500. From South African designer Daniel Gibbings.

Yes, please.

[Photo via InStyle]


Gettin’ wingy with it: Jeremy Scott Swatch

28 Jul

I’m jealous of my friend Rapha for a lot of reasons.

1. Her curly hair.

2. She can wear heels and not look like gigantor.

2. This watch.

I’m not sure Swatch can get any cooler than it already is, but this awesome winged watch is the product of a collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott. I would totally copy Rapha except we work together and she would totally be onto me if I did.

Also, check out her recent super cute manicure inspired by a Jeremy Scott adidas pullover. He’s everywhere, that guy! Rapha is an art director and she’s mad good at the nail art pen thing. More things to be jealous of. Sigh.

Don’t forget to check out her blog, The Lady and the Sweatshop, for super fun artsy inspiration.

Flora and fauna: antler necklace

30 Jun

Oh, net-a-porter. How you taunt me.

How much longer can I not buy this Giles & Brother sterling silver antler necklace?

I’m not sure. I’m just not sure.

Reef madness: Marc Jacobs coral ring

6 Jun

I can’t seem to get past the idea of the perfect double-finger ring. And by the time I actually commit to one, they probably won’t be cool anymore.

Sigh. It’s hard being a trend-setter.

I recently discovered I perused, I oohed and I awed. Then there was this.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Coral Seas Ring. It’s one part sea-creature and two parts awesome. And maybe some other parts must-have.