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Fancy for Henry: pendant bowl

21 Nov

I’m not going to lie to you. Henry is awesome. He cuddles when I want him to cuddle, he’s cute when I want him to be cute and he’s friendly with strangers. All around great cat qualities.

I bought him ice cream bowls for his food and water, which were super cute until he discovered he could knock the water bowl over and make a huge mess. Then I replaced them with onion soup bowls. The heaviest thing I could find in my cupboard. Not that cute.

But this Pendant Bowl from the Drake Hotel General Store is pretty cute. It contents would probably end up all over my floors, but it’s still cute.


Sense of smell: Aveda soy candle

16 Sep

Smelly candles. The crap ones you buy at Ikea are never smelly enough. You have to spend big bucks on a smelly candle if you really want it to stink up your house.

Or, just bake cookies to make your house smell nice. But that requires non-laziness and making a mess. Two things I’m not always keen on.

The shampure soy wax candle from Aveda is worth every penny. I don’t use Aveda products so much anymore, but on the rare occasion I visit the store, the smell of the place makes me feel like I want to ingest it because it’ll clean out my insides and all of my sins. Not that I have any. But you know what I mean.

This candle is in a recycled/reusable glass jar and makes my house smell like the Aveda store. Clean and calm. Love it.

Colour me happy: Pantone mugs

2 Sep

I know I’m really behind the times with these, but when all my favourite design blogs were posting about the Pantone mugs I sort of of thought “meh.” Until I saw them in person at Itsi Bitsi, a cupcake bakery in my neighbourhood. Then I changed my mind.

And now I have to have some. But which colours? Pantone 239 C for sure. It’s a hot pink. And maybe Pantone 3272 C, a turquoise. I mean, really. I’m a grown-up. Time to get rid of any and all Ikea mugs, don’t you think?

[Image via Alice in Designland]

Spin the bottle: brass opener

14 Jul

Gone are the times of opening a bottle with your teeth.

Well, I never did that. But it was a common party trick in university.

If you’re fancy, you should have a fancy bottle opener. Growing up, we had this huge silver bottle opener in the shape of a nail. I wonder where it is now. Because it’s pretty cool and I’d like to inherit it.

I’m partial to this Japanese brass rectangle bottle opener. It’s like a sculpture. But a useful sculpture.

Check out this New York Times article for some other cool bottle openers.

*Update: it was a railroad tie. The cool bottle opened we had growing up. Thanks, Kristin.

Scary suds: skull soap

9 Jun

The thing about skulls is, they went through a trendy period. And it annoyed me.

Then the trend kind of went away, and now I can handle them again.

I’m still looking for the perfect skull-themed manicure for my sister, Shelley. We think we’re badass rockers sometimes. And badass rockers have skull manicures for sure.

But what about this skull soap from Blue Owl Home Boutique in Vancouver? Is that badass? Considering its purpose, to clean, I’m not so sure.

[Photo via Fashion Magazine]

Millionaire weekend: Hotel Le Germain

17 May

A friend from Toronto came for a visit this past weekend.

That’s right. A “friend”.

We thought it’d be fun to make it into a mini vacation. So we stayed at Le Germain right here in Montreal for two nights.

We watched movies, ordered room service and mostly lied around. Obviously I was far too busy to take pictures so you’ll have to settle for this professional one instead.

[via Groupe Germain on Flickr]

Our room was sort of small, but it had all the details that someone of my fanciness might require.

The most impressive part of the whole room? The glasses in the bathroom had our room number on them.

Apparently you can buy them. I think I’d choose the ones with the number of my loft on them. Because it’s practically a fancy requirement to drink your orange juice out of personalized glasses. Everyone knows that.

We also had:

  • A super comfy bed.
  • Genevieve Grandbois chocolates and a lovely handwritten note from the concierge.
  • A closet we didn’t use, but that lights up when you open it.
  • A fancy Bang & Olufsen phone that I tried to call for room service on but couldn’t figure it out. My friend had no idea what Bang & Olufsen was so he didn’t appreciate this one as much.
  • A breakfast of croissants, fruit, pain perdu and maple syrup on everything.
  • A shower that was as big as my entire loft. I could have moved in.
The staff was super nice and it was fun to pretend to live downtown for the weekend and take cabs everywhere. If only my millionaire weekend could be my millionaire life. Sigh.

Letter press: Monogrammed soaps

27 Apr

I love having fancy soaps in my bathroom. Why not? I usually buy them from Pella Bella. Everything smells divine, is handmade in Quebec and I’m partial to anything and everything in their maple syrup line. Yum.

But recently I saw these monogrammed soaps from a company called Carved Solutions and fancy soap took on a whole new meaning. Imagine how fancy your bathroom would be if your soap had your initials on it?

I might even change my name to Lady Penelope Davenport Esquire of Frumphampshire.