Adventure venture: El Salvador inspired jewels

8 Nov

You know those people who quit their day job to make their dream career come true? Well, I know those people. Yep. All of them. Because I get the newsletter, I learnt that my friend Marie-Louise is the newest member of the club. She left a career in advertising to travel the world and make jewelry.

Her first collection is inspired by a trip to El Salvador, where she hung out with old Mayan stuff, climbed volcanos and ate a lot of fruit. I’m embarking on quite the love affair with the Lava Drop Earrings and the Zest Necklace. Because with a piece of citrus fruit around your neck and a piece of volcano hanging from your ears, you’re practically on an international adventure and *not* sitting behind a desk finding synonyms for “dazzling” right?


Lava Drop Earrings

Zest Necklace


One Response to “Adventure venture: El Salvador inspired jewels”

  1. Marie-Louise Beauchesne November 8, 2011 at 3:34 pm #


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