The Daily Polish

1 Nov

One of the perks of my manfriend living in the suburbs is that he happens to live across the street from a Trade Secrets. I’m moving in with him after Christmas, so I have no doubt I’ll be making good friends with the girls who work there. It’s kind of a mecca for the nail polish collector. They have all the OPIs and often have half-off deals on other brands.

I’ve dragged my manfriend in on occasion and he was pretty helpful in the choosing of nail polish. I’ve even caught him showing other dudes photos of my manicures, which I send to him often.

Um. Also, he’s super manly.

I got a super fun parcel on Friday from Trade Secrets and in it was OPI’s Siberian Nights. Which may, or may not, be my new favourite colour. And makes me feel like I’m cheating on Lincoln Park After Dark.

When people ask me what my favourite nail polish is, I always answer OPI. It always goes on smooth and the wide brushes make it easy to cover your nails in 2-3 strokes.

Oh, and the hot pink dots are illamasqua in Collide.




2 Responses to “The Daily Polish”

  1. kat November 4, 2011 at 3:30 am #

    that looks awesome! such a cool design! 🙂

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